The Department of Transport is engaged in educational and research activities. The Department's educational activities encompass the BSc, MSc, special training courses and PhD training programmes.

The Department of Transport is the home of the Bachelor of Science degree programme in Transportation Engineering at Széchenyi István University. The curriculum encompasses all pertinent aspects of transportation, including track, vehicles, operation, and planning. The course lasts for seven semesters and is taught in Hungarian.

Master of Science courses: our department is the home of the Master of Science in Transportation Engineering at Széchenyi István University. The course lasts for four semesters and places an emphasis on modelling and planning complex transportation systems. In order to complete this course successfully, it is necessary to utilise a variety of software applications, including: PTV VISSIM, PTV VISUM, SUMO, OpenTrack, TAKT, and others. The language of the courses is Hungarian.

Additionally, there are specialised courses designed for the continued professional development of specialists. The duration of these courses is two semesters. The more traditional of the two is the "Transport Service Planner Specialist" qualification, while the newer one is the "Transport Specialist in Applied IT" qualification. The language of the training programmes is Hungarian.

Additionally, members of the department are engaged with the university’s doctoral school. The language of instruction at the doctoral school is either Hungarian or English. Additionally, full courses in English are available. The department offers research opportunities in the fields of public transport, transport modelling and traffic safety.


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